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Fallen Cradle / A cocktail for the "Special Snowflakes"

Why is it so easy to mock the millennials as “special snowflakes” after this election? Clearly it’s their unearned sense of entitlement, right?

Their unfounded superiority complex?

Their hysterics and ultra sensitivity when the world has gone amok? Now step back a generation or two. Who were the coddlers? Who are the parents who blindly followed that classic American mantra “I want my kids to have more than I had”. In a sense, that may have been a commendable goal for those who survived the great depression, but since then this country has grown into an age of obscene disposable income. Nothing feels better as hard-working adults to shower our young with all they could ever want monetarily. Then to reassure them that they are deserving of it all because they are born perfect. Oh, the irony of these very “unique" little reflections of ourselves and our parental achievements to show off to the neighbors. Did these babies really ask for this sort of upbringing? But boy oh boy, once they got a taste for it... So now we mock them. Meme after meme targeting the young and afraid for their protests, emotional reactions and their somber displays of helplessness. Laughing at the younger generations now waking up and shitting themselves because their Santa Claus is dying on the cross of reality. And it’s a bleak reality at that. Greed, Racism, Sexism, Climate change. A super-sized bowl of it has been placed back onto their highchair trays to either consume or throw across the room. It’s not a good time to tease these kids. They are the ones that are going to have to sink

or swim in this mess. Unlike us older adults who have already lived a good portion of our lives and now have the luxury and money to just give up and drink ourselves to death at our local pub. So I’ve decided that these millennials are indeed deserving. Deserving of an apology and to a cocktail I’m posting in their honor: Fallen Cradle (based on a variation of the Zombie) 1 oz white rum 1oz gold rum 1oz dark rum 1 oz apricot brandy 1 oz lime juice 1 oz pineapple juice 1 tsp simple syrup cracked ice orange and lime slices Pour rums, brandy, juices, syrup into a mixing glass over ice and shake until frosted. Half-fill a highball glass with cracked ice and strain the cocktail over it. Garnish with orange and lime slices. Drink then forgive your parents for spoiling you rotten.

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