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Michelle O'keefe. Founder


Hello friend, pull up a stool. Let me serve you a virtual cocktail as I'll tell you a little bit about myself. 


After wrapping up a 30-year marketing gig in the NYC publishing industry, I found myself with a totally clean slate and full time status in the Poconos. I spent a good year wandering around Northeast PA exploring and soaking in all the small town vibes to see how and where my next chapter should play out.

So where did I often find myself?  Mostly milling through antique shops and daydreaming in the oldest of neighborhood taverns I could find.


I've always been drawn to the dust of past decades.

I have a particular fondness for the 20s and 30s in all of its Art Deco splendor. So with the global resurgence of speakeasy-themed bars and the return of the handcrafted cocktail, why not take this gig on the road?


So I found myself an old steamer trunk, converted it into a portable bar and started my mobile mixology odyssey.

I chose to name this website A Bit of Terrific, after a quirky expression Jack Lemon often used in the classic film Some Like it Hot

It's here I want to showcase the blogs of some fabulous local bartenders I've met, recipes, tips, stories, recommended drinking establishments and a few vintage bar jokes.  Sign up and stay tuned.

So that's my story, pal. This one's on me. Next time, I'll make you a real one. It will be exquisite. I promise.








Pre-Prohibition Mixology

Customized Menus

Planning and Preparation

Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

Onsite Mini-Lessons

TIPPS and RAMP Certified


About Michelle

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